Grout lines have the ability to make any floor look old and worn out. Dirt gets in the grout lines and turns the light-colored lines into a darkish, unpleasant streak of dirt that run the length of the floor. If you do not want to use harsh chemicals but would like a shiny floor with clean grout lines, here is how lemon essential oils can help you do that.

Lemon Essential Oils with Baking Soda

Lemon essential oil can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to provide an effective cleaning solution. The mixture of lemon essential oil and hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleach the grout lines, restoring their natural shine back. In addition, the mixture helps to disinfect your floors, removing bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Depending on the level of staining and the type of grout, there are various ways you can go about cleaning your grout lines.

Dealing with Stained Floor Areas

This approach works best when you are dealing with a heavily stained area within the larger floor area. To clean such stains, mix 2 cups of baking soda with a cup of hydrogen peroxide and about 20 drops of lemon essential oils. Once you have stirred the mixture to ensure that all the ingredients have mixed properly, take a tile brush and apply on to the stained grout. Leave the solution on the grout for about 15 minutes then scrub the area with a scrubber sponge or use the same tile brush. Rinse the cleaner off the grout with a lint-free cloth once the stain is removed.

Small Tiles

When cleaning a small area or grout that is between sets of tiles that are laid close to each other, you can use the Bleach Pen. It is an effective way of removing stains from grout without using a lot of the cleaning agent.  To make this solution, mix a half cup of baking soda with a half cup of hydrogen peroxide and add about 20 drops of lemon essential oil. After stirring, place the solution in a bleach pen, which are handy little containers for dispensing the solution.  Spray the solution on the affected area and wait for about 15 minutes before scrubbing the area with a tile brush. Wipe off the solution with a lint-free cloth.

Using Grout Spray

This follows the same process as the bleach pen but the ratio of the ingredients will vary. When making grout spray, mix one cup of water with a cup of hydrogen peroxide and about 20 drops of lemon essential oils. This mixture is great for tile areas with large pieces of tiles as it cleans and disinfects the entire space. Repeat the process as detailed above and ensure that you wipe the cleansing solution once you have removed the stain.

It helps to remember that some stains might be deep set and so will require a little more scrubbing to remove the stains. If you are looking to buy Lemon essential oils, Plant Guru can help. We have high-quality lemon essential oil which you can easily buy from our online store. We promise prompt delivery and our staff are happy to share information about this and other essential oils that we have in stock.