Since the olden days, botanical oils have been used to naturally condition the hair to provide protection from external elements. If you are looking for a natural way to make your hair feel and look healthier and more beautiful, learn more about the efficacy of carrier oils for hair. You can either use them on their own or mix your own oil blend that consists of various types of oils.

Carrier Oils for Hair and Scalp

Carrier oils are non-volatile liquids that are not similar to essential oils. They are also referred to as base oils or fixed oils. The term carrier is a reference to aromatherapy which is a field that involves the usage of these oils as a vessel to deliver therapeutic benefits to users. Here are how carrier oils benefit the hair and scalp:

  • Oils act as natural hair emollients, providing conditioning and softening benefits to the hair. They create lubrication to the strands, smoothening out the hair cuticles and assisting with detangling. Your hair will also feel much smoother and not overly frizzy.
  • Oils improve the appearance of hair strands as they add luster and shine. They also define the curl patterns of your hair, adding more volume.
  • Majority of carrier oils have a protective nature as they add a layer of barrier on the surface of the hair. This protects it against external elements like heat, pollutants, dust, and styling products.
  • Some carrier oils are protective as they reduce porosity. This is essential for damaged hair that has a porous nature and can absorb and release water easily, continuously. Hence, the hair becomes more prone to breakage.
  • Some oils are natural cleansers that have anti-irritant properties. These can be soothing for the hair and can get rid of any flakes and dirt as well as bacteria and fungi.
  • Carrier oils also deliver nourishment to the scalp that contains minerals, vitamins, squalene, and antioxidants while replenishing fatty acids.

Applying Carrier Oils to Hair

You can apply carrier oils directly onto your hair, either on the scalp or the hair strands. Massage the oils and you can expect to enjoy benefits like improved hair growth and blood flow. For protective reasons, apply the carrier oil before you shampoo your hair or leave it on as a conditioner after shampooing. Heating certain carrier oils like coconut oil is believed to further enhance penetration to the hair strands to strengthen them even more. You can see your hair improving in its appearance and manageability.

Carrier oils are also quite versatile. You can add them to your hair care products such as serums, conditioners, shampoos, hair masks, and styling products. Carrier oils can also be mixed with various type of oils that diversify their properties. Hence, you can find the right concoction to suit your hair care needs. To further enjoy the oil’s therapeutic actions for your hair, you can combine botanical extracts or essential oils together. Herbal oils are an option that you can incorporate into your carrier oil blend to enjoy a variation of natural herbal benefits for optimal results.