Before we get into the good stuff, it is important to note that you must dilute essential oils in a carrier oil in a suitable ratio. The reason behind this is because essential oils cannot be watered down, and it is dangerous to put essential oils directly on your hair or scalp. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best essential oils for hair nourishment.


Lavender is an amazing essential oil that can play both roles for the maintenance of skin and hair. In a study that was conducted where several essential oils were used on one’s hair, it shows that Lavender helps with the growth of hair and maintaining a strong scalp, where it increases hair follicles as well as enhance the strengths of one’s hair roots.

Thus, the use of Lavender oil prevents hair loss and damage, keeping it beautiful and shiny.

Tea Tree

Like Lavender, Tea tree can also be used both for the skin in treating skin damages, as well as for the hair in treating the scalp. On top of that, in a study conducted on essential oils, Tea tree was shown to be antifungal, as it showed a decrease of 41% in itchiness, dandruff, and greasiness within the scalp.

The benefits of the Tea tree from a study in 2013 states that, with the use of Tea tree, one can definitely expect a much healthier scalp, growth of hair, and less itchiness.


The benefit of the Cedarwood essential oil is that it helps by preventing your hair from thinning and lessens dandruff, as it allows for your hair follicles to grow and thicken. However, in contrast to Tea tree and Lavender essential oils which exude a feminine scent, Cedarwood gives off a more manly scent.

Therefore, if you are someone who prefers manly-smelling essential oils then feminine-smelling oils Cedarwood is the way to go for you.

Ylang Ylang

The Ylang Ylang oil goes way back as it was used for hair treatments in Victorian England days. It is known for its aphrodisiac properties, strong-smelling scent, and aroma.

The oil provides the scalp with more hair growth and thicker hair, as well as moisturize the hair from keeping it dry or flakey. Using the oil by itself may be too immense, but It can also go well with other types of essential oils such as lemon and lavender.


Similar to Ylang Ylang, the Rosemary essential oil is suited to treat dandruff and dry or flaky scalp. According to a study, the essential oil, when used for six months, showed that it was effective in its combat against balding as a form of treatment. What it does is that it stops the scalp from hair loss and enhances the hair follicles, medicating both dry, oily hair, and split ends.

We Are Here for You

Hair is an important part of one’s appearance. If you simply do not take the time and effort to take care of your hair, it will not only give off a bad impression to others but also damage your own wellbeing. Therefore, even though these essential oils allow for hair nourishment and hair maintenance, it is also your duty to ensure that you protect your hair.

All things considered, Here at Plant Guru, we provide you with plenty of essential oils, carrier oils, and incense to choose from. If you ever come across hair issues, such as hair loss, damage, and balding, you know who to look for. Start by looking through all the options we provide now.