Though essential oils originate from plants, they are not always safe for use on children, especially infants. Each essential oil is only considered safe when used with full caution. Majority of past reports warn parents against the use of essential oils for kids who are much younger than 7 years old and especially for babies below 6 months. Let us learn more about why prevention is always better than cure even when the treatment method has an all-natural origin.

Developmental Conditions

Children’s skin, immune system, respiratory function, chemosensory systems, and nerve system are still in the developmental stage. Thus, improper use of essential oils on children may cause side effects such as unconsciousness, seizures, and many other harmful consequences. Essential oils should never be used on or around pre-mature infants until at least 6 months after their initially expected due date. In addition, some reports strongly advise against the use of essential oils completely against children below 6 years old.

Children Below 7

NDA strongly advises against using essential oils on all children younger than 7 years old. This is because of the properties exhibited by essential oils which can have immensely different effects on the senses as well as the skin. It is critical to perform prior research on the benefits and side effects of each essential oil especially if it is to be applied directly onto a child’s skin. Not every essential oil carries the same level of safety as those commonly used oils which are known to be safe for use by all ages. Thus, consult with a medical professional before using any essential oil during pregnancy or on infants and children.

Seek Professional Advice

Always seek additional advice from a certified aromatherapist. It will help parents make wise decisions on their option to use essential oils toward improving the wellness of their children as well as that of other family members. Parents should also consider selecting the safest kind instead of those that exhibit stronger traits which may be harmful on children as compared to other types which are milder in nature.

Using in Child’s Environment

Upon the introduction of essential oils into an environment with children, always ensure the area is well-ventilated with a clear access to fresh air. Introduce one type of essential oil at any one time in a low dose to make it easy to detect the cause of a potential allergy reaction. Using the correct variety of essential oils is important as topical use may not be safe for inhalation and vice versa. Any potential responses are usually experienced during the first 30 minutes after application, either through a diffuser or directly onto the skin. However, it is also recommended to wait for as long as 24 hours before using the essential oil that has been patch tested in the preferred way. The key is to find out which essential oils do not promote any adverse reactions in your children before using any on them in a much higher dose.