Interested in crafting your own fragrant wax melts? With the right ingredients and a little know-how, you can easily create homemade wax melts infused with the delightful scents of essential oils.

In this guide, we walk you through the process of concocting DIY wax melt recipes with essential oils, so you can enjoy a wonderfully aromatic home environment without the need for harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances!

Choosing Ingredients for Homemade Wax Melts

To get started, gather the necessary ingredients for your homemade wax melts. For this recipe, you’ll need natural soy wax, essential oils of your choice, and a silicone mold.

Soy wax is an excellent choice for wax melts as it is non-toxic and safe to use around your home. Additionally, silicone molds make it easy to create uniform wax melts in various shapes and sizes.

Selecting Essential Oils for Your Wax Melts

When choosing essential oils for your wax melts, consider the desired scent and potential therapeutic benefits. For instance, lavender essential oil is known for its calming properties, while citrusy oils like orange or lemon essential oil can provide an uplifting aroma. Experiment with different combinations of essential oils to create unique scent blends that suit your preferences.

Preparing Your Homemade Wax Melts

Begin by melting the soy wax in a slow cooker lined with a slow cooker liner. When the wax has melted completely, add about 100 total drops of your chosen essential oils to the mixture and stir well to combine.

If you find that your wax melts aren’t as fragrant as you’d like, you can easily boost their scent by adding more drops of essential oil to the mixture. Then, carefully pour the melted wax into the silicone mold, ensuring each cavity is filled evenly.

Allowing Your Wax Melts to Set

After pouring the melted wax into the mold, allow it to cool and harden completely. This may take a few hours, depending on the temperature of your environment. Once the wax melts have solidified, gently pop them out of the mold and store them in an airtight container until ready to use.

Enjoying Your Homemade Wax Melts

Now that your homemade wax melts are ready, it’s time to enjoy them! Simply place a wax melt in a wax warmer and allow the heat to release the aromatic scent into your home. Try different wax melt combinations and scents to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that reflects your personal style.

In addition, a tip to remember is to store your wax melts in a cool, dark place so you can preserve their potency and ensure they last longer. And, once you’ve used up your wax melts, you can recycle them by remelting the wax and adding fresh essential oils to make new scent combinations!

Make Your Own Wax Melts with Plant Guru’s Essential Oils

Creating your own homemade wax melts with essential oils is a fun and rewarding DIY project that allows you to customize the scents in your home. With just a few simple elements and some creativity, you can enjoy the delightful aroma of homemade wax melts while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Browse our wide range of premium essential oils today at Plant Guru to get started!