Unscented Incense Sticks

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Unscented Incense Sticks
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Do It Yourself: Make your own incense & start with the Best Quality Unscented Uncolored Incense Sticks by Plant Guru! Bulk Wholesale available.

100-pcs / 1-bundle, Approximately 100-pcs per each bundle, 11" Inch long unscented, uncolored incense sticks,

Hand made from a natural bamboo stick with a natural tree wood powder base encasing / surrounding the bamboo stick.

Simply add your favorite choice of pure essential fragrance oils or pre-prepared scented fragrance oils, and you have created your own unique custom incense sticks!

Plant Guru® natural unscented sticks are the best Do It Yourself incense for aromatherapy, home crafting, re-sale business, or simple pleasures of fun!

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