Saffron Spice Threads Premium Super Negin Bulk Wholesale

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Saffron Spice Threads Premium Super Negin

Persian Saffron Threads

Premium Super Negin 

Grade A+

Premium SUPER NEGIN Saffron From Afghanistan
Premium quality saffron from local Afghan farmers. Our product is 100% genuine saffron with no additives. Fresh from the latest harvest. Super negin quality without compromise.
Our saffron is grown by and sourced from local farmers in Herat province of Afghanistan, area with ideal conditions for saffron plant. We work with our farmers directly and source from them only highest quality hand picked and traditionally dried saffron strands.
Afghan saffron is ideal for your favorite dishes as well as experimenting with new tastes. Achieve the classic rich saffron color and taste of your rice dishes or other savory recipes with ease; amaze your guests with unique dessert flavors (we swear by vanilla and saffron combination!). Or why not throw a saffron strand or two into your tea pot for subtle, exotic alternative to your usual favorite.
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