Opoponax Gum Resin "Sweet Myrrh"

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Opoponax Gum Resin
BOTANICAL NAME: Commiphora guidottii

Plant Family: Burseraceae

Opopanax is a flowering perennial, producing small clusters of yellow flowers. It is native to Southern Europe and parts of the Middle East, preferring warm weather, which enables it to produce greater qualities of its fragrant resin. The harvest of gums and resins takes place during the dry season, as they are easily damaged by rain. A number of incisions are made into the bark, and the gum resins are allowed to ooze out and solidify for a few weeks. The harvesters then return to each tree to collect the resin. The resins are then transported to local villages where they are further dried in the shade.

Often burned as incense, opopanax has a warm, earthy scent. The essential oil is used as a fixative in perfumery. In biblical times, opopanax was applied for minor wounds, but has since fallen out of disuse medicinally.


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