Black Cumin Seeds

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Black Cumin Seeds
Origin: Egypt 

Botanical Name: NIGELLA SATIVA

Premium Quality RAW Nigella Sativa Seeds.

Improves Digestion, Boosts Immunity, Promotes Well Being.

Black Cumin Seed comes from the plant Nigella Sativa of the Ranunculaceae family and has been traditionally used by cultures across the world as a food and for general health and well-being. Touted to be one of the healthiest foods and popular for its strong flavor, doctors recommend that black cumin seeds must be incorporated in healthy diets and nutrition plans.

Black Cumin seeds have so many versatile beneficial properties can be used in numerous ways. Its flavor can be described as a combination of onions, black pepper and oregano. Black seeds works great when included in dressing or sprinkled over salad in whole.

They can help making a Tasty tea mostly enjoyed in Egypt by boiling in water and steeped for 10 minutes. It can be added to honey,oatmeal, cereal, yogurt for a taste treat.

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