Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

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Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

USDA Certified Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon Flexuosus

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Plant Part: Leaves


Lemongrass oil is steam distilled from the fresh and dried leaves of the plant creating a citrusy, earthy aroma. For many decades, Lemongrass oil has been used to treat infectious illnesses and fever. It has antipyretic properties that helps to bring down high fever and works as an antiseptic for external wounds. It’s one of the main medicinal plants cultivated in various regions of Africa & Asia. Lemongrass oil is quite popular as an insect repellent as well. Due to its insecticidal properties, it kills insects and keeps them away.


Highly Concentrated 100% Pure Certified USDA Organic Cold Pressed Lemongrass Oil

Natural, Unfiltered, Undiluted, No Toxins, No Additives, No Preservatives, Packaged in the USA


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