Cacao Beans

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Cacao Beans

Straight From Ecuador: 100% Raw "Arriba Nacional" Cacao Beans

Now, after five thousand years of history, YOU can experience Arriba Nacional variety of cacao straight from the rain forests of Ecuador.
Thanks to our connections in Ecuador, we were able to coordinate with farmers to receive a large shipment of this unique cacao, straight from Ecuador. These are all single-source, straight from Ecuador, made from the cacao beans of older, "original" cacao plants, organic and raw. Just as importantly, this is perhaps the finest cacao you will ever taste in the world. It is one of life's "bucket list" experiences to ingest this plant and tune in to how it is interacting with your body and mind. To miss out on this plant that our world has to offer is to truly missing out on one of life's real gems. Additionally, all the Cacoa / Cocoa products have absolutely no sweeteners, no filler, no preservatives, no GMOs, no soy, no wheat... nothing! Just pure, raw high-grade cacao from Ecuador to you.

Premium Ecuadorian Superior Cocoa Beans. 100% vegan, raw, non roasted. Nutrient dense superfood, high in health-promoting flavonoids, flavanols, zinc (supports acne and eczema), protein and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium (improves poor circulation, bone health), and chromium (helps balance /control / LOWER BLOOD SUGAR level and reduce appetite / WEIGHT LOSS solution).

Highest Source of ANTIOXIDANTS, including polyphenols (good for teeth, helps prevent cavities and tooth decay), catechins and epicatechins. Great food for CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH. ENERGY ENHANCER - theobromine, a stimulant naturally present, maintains energy levels all throughout the day unlike the dreaded caffeine crash. dark cocoa powder.

Versatile Kitchen Ingredient - Use in cookies, brownies, baked goods, candy and cake, as an alternative to chocolate chips and REDUCE SUGAR intake. Make your own healthy rx snacks or granola bars, blend in smoothies, shakes, desserts, ice cream, cereal, yogurt, drinks, green drink mixes or even sprinkle on salads and normal hot foods for a savory treat. Use in cookbook recipes as you would conventional chocolate chips.

Natural Source of Anandamine. Great MOOD ENHANCER. Calms anxiety, stress levels and makes you feel good. Rightously called 'Miracle supplement' with antioxidant support - benefits for men, women, seniors and even kids. Add to your morning routine - daily diet, for a jitter-free energy boost. Also contains dietary fiber. Manufacturer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"Arriba" actually refers to a geographic region within Ecuador where high-grade cacao plants were grown and harvested. But it also became synonymous with the high quality of cacao from that region in much the same way that "Bordeaux" is actually a wine-producing region of France that soon become synonymous with a specific variety of fine, whether or not it was from the Bordeaux region.

For that reason, the term "Arriba" means different things to different people, even within the cacao industry. To some, it's a genetic variety of older cacao trees. To others, it's a geographic region. I'm using it here to refer to a higher-grade cacao from older Ecuadorian cacao trees, most of which (but not all) originated in the Arriba region near the Guayas River.

This is widely considered to be the finest cacao from Ecuador, harvested from older cacao trees growing just the way they grew thousands of years ago.

In comparison, virtually all the Chocolate used in candy bars, chocolate chips, chocolate cakes, breads and so on is derived from a new, genetically divergent plant called CCN-51 -- a pale shadow of the original cacao tree it was supposed to replace.

Most consumers have no idea the chocolate they've been eating is made with what is effectively a weakened cacao variety. And if you've been eating that variety of chocolate all your life, you're in for a real surprise when you get your hands on what I'm calling "Arriba Nacional" cacao, which has a deeper, more complex and "floral" flavor profile than common cacao varieties.

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