Using essential oils for a workout is effective in helping you get the most out of your regime. You can remain motivated so as to stick to your positive habits longer. There is a wide variety of essential oils which is recommended to be used in supporting your workout session. Continue reading to learn more about some essential oils for working out that we highly recommend.

Essential Oils for Pre- and Post-Workout

Pre-workout essential oils help in warming up your muscles and letting you stay focused. They are important in getting you feeling motivated and energized.

Post-workout essential oils are effective in helping you cool down by easing tight and sore muscles. They can be used to get you a good night’s rest after a good workout.

Depending on the chemical compounds of an essential oil, each type has been proven to individually calm various health conditions which are useful for workouts. Some essential oils are used to improve energy levels, comfort sore muscles, and more.


Rosemary which is rich in camphor can help you feel motivated before you begin your workout. It helps with the circulation of energy through the head to provide mental clarity that lets you stay focused while exercising.

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil essential oil lets you fully engage with your workout by allowing your body to get into a flow state. The compound contains linalool that supports deep concentration to promote a steady flow of energy production.


Lemon contains d-limonene which instill positive vibes. Inhaling its scent is already enough to fill you up with a burst of energy. D-limonene is also known to calm spasms which is great for muscle protection before exercising.

Sweet Marjoram

Always warm up your muscles before a strenuous workout to support proper circulation that can help prevent cramps. Using sweet marjoram is useful in serving this purpose.


Fiery ginger oil circulates energy to let you feel energetic and strong. It has sesquiterpene which is highly comforting when massaged onto your sore muscles.

Black Pepper

Fresh black pepper essential oil is a must-have to keep your muscles warm. You can use it when massaging your muscles after a workout session to ease cramps and aches.


Eucalyptus contains 1,8-cineole which supports your breath. It is cooling in nature which can help cool your body down when you massage your tense muscles.


Peppermint contains menthol which has a sweet and crisp scent that is a good mood booster. It also prevents your body from overheating so you can have a good night’s rest after a good workout session.

Juniper Berry

Juniper berry can prevent tight muscles after a workout thus it is recommended to be used right after exercising. It helps circulating energy through the body to release muscle knots.


Lavender essential oil contains two highly relaxing compounds which are useful in soothing both your mind and body. The compounds include linalyl acetate and linalool which can help restore your sleep for full body rejuvenation.

Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can select the essential oils which are suitable for your specific relaxation needs.