On today’s essential oils market, some of the most underrated essential oils are undoubtedly citrus oils – this includes Clementine essential oils. For some reason, essential oils like lavender and rosemary always overshadow the citrus family. But you shouldn’t brush aside those citrus oils so readily because they can be used to improve one’s health through their various properties.

The Citrus Family

The citrus family of essential oils is responsible for Clementine. And whereas it may be the Mandarin orange’s smallest variety, it is exceptionally powerful.

Where does it come from? You know that part you throw away? The peel? That is cold-pressed, and Clementine essential oil is extracted in that manner.

In fact, before you throw away the peel next time, fold it in half so that you can see the colorful side. Squeeze the peel together and you will likely be able to not only see the juices being squirted from the peel but smell the aromatic fluid. That is basically Clementine essential oil.

Oh, That Delicious Fragrance!

A floral and very sweet, rejuvenating aroma is a characteristic of citrus essential oils. Not only is the scent exceedingly pleasant, and therefore exceptionally useful in aromatherapy, the multilayered, complex essential oil has a vast array of health benefits.

Clementine Essential Oil’s Health Benefits

The following health benefits can be achieved through the proper use of Clementine essential oils:

  • Keep skin clear of blemishes and fight acne causing bacteria
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties
  • Keep skin healthy and firm
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Rich in folic acid

Clementine Oil As an Antioxidant

Antioxidants can help reduce high cholesterol related heart diseases and prevent heart attacks. They may also help dissolve gallstones.

Heartburn may be relieved through the use of Clementine essential oils, as well. This includes acid reflux. It is also thought that these essential oils are an anti-carcinogen.

The Sweet Smell of Aromatherapy

As briefly touched upon earlier, aromatherapists make frequent use of Clementine essential oils, thanks to their tangy, sweet smell. They are said to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety as well as purifying the mind. As a restorative agent to the brain, they promote clarity and tranquility. Feel completely rejuvenated and energized the next day after a good night’s sleep courtesy of Clementine essential oils.

Utilized in European Hospitals

Hospitals in Europe are even using Clementine because of its soothing effects. After a dramatic, shocking incident, it is used to stabilize patients thanks to its relaxing and uplifting properties. It is said to improve their overall well-being.

Clementine for Your Skin

Clementine essential oils can help balance your skin’s moisture content. They can remove unwanted bodily fluids, improve circulation, and have a general toning effect as well as antifungal characteristics. In other words, you can help maintain smooth, clear skin by using Clementine essential oils on a regular basis. It may actually help to heal skin wounds, as well, because of the anti-fungal properties.

Clearly, no one should be without Clementine essential oils.

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