Did you know that taking a bath can actually be a smart, healthy choice for many individuals?

What’s more comforting than allowing yourself to slide into a hot, luxurious bath and feel the day’s tension simply melt away? By exhausted, tired individuals everywhere, the mental health benefits of a hot, relaxing bath are much appreciated. They can, in fact, even make you feel happier.

Even better, using essential oils for hot baths can boost the benefits just described immensely.

The Benefits of Hot Baths

Far beyond simply calming the mind, the perks of bathing extend to some surprising levels. Science has shown that everything from blood pressure, colds, and sore muscles to the immune system and hormones can benefit from warm baths!

But to improve your health even further, you can take a hot bath to the next level by adding certain essential oils. So much so, in fact, that the powerful benefits of your usual hot bath can literally be doubled through the use of essential oils.

The Optimal Bath

With a temperature between 89°F and 95°F, you should limit your hot bath time to 20 minutes or a little less. Even if you took a shower at those temperatures, it wouldn’t match the benefits to your mental and physical health that a bath can bring.

Sure, you can reduce stress through a relaxing soak in the tub. But there’s more! You can improve your health, banish cold and flu symptoms, ease painful joints and muscles, and even sleep better following a hot bath.

To make your bath truly optimal, the addition of essential oils should be considered. As a potent cure-all for numerous ills and ailments, for thousands of years aromatherapy has been used. Highly concentrated essential oils bottle up all of the wonderful, healthy goodness of plant fruit, bark, flowers, and leaves. To make one small bottle of essential oils, it may take pound after pound of a particular plant.

Ailments and Mixtures

Depending on the effect you’re going for, certain essential oils are more highly recommended than others.

  • Boost your mind: Essential oils such as rose oils, Ylang Ylang, lavender, rosemary, and bergamot.
  • Better skin: Sandalwood oils, frankincense, rose, chamomile, or lavender. (Carrier oils such as pomegranate or jojoba may be needed.)
  • Help relieve flu and cold symptoms: A blend of pine, eucalyptus, clove, and cajuput for cold symptoms. For flu symptoms, lemon, lavender, and tea tree oils mixed.
  • To help control blood pressure: Ylang Ylang, marjoram, lavender, and clary sage mixed. Circulation can be boosted through a blend of geranium/lemon, neroli, ginger, eucalyptus, cypress, and rosemary.
  • You may be able to temporarily relieve pain by adding essential oils such as rosemary, ginger, clary sage, basil, sweet marjoram, eucalyptus, and/or chamomile.
  • Encourage better sleep: Lavender works wonders but some people also get good results from vetiver, frankincense, and chamomile.
  • Stress relievers: To calm yourself and slow down your mind, consider adding bergamot, Ylang Ylang, rose, or lavender to your hot bath.

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