Dating back as far as medieval times, to improve physical well-being and psychological emotions, essential oils have been in use. To aid in rejuvenating emotions, calming the senses, and in getting a more restful sleep, essential oils’ therapeutic properties are now widely known and put to good use by many.

Did you know, however, that essential oils for fitness enthusiasts can be particularly useful? It’s true! But why?

With the right essential oils infused into the atmosphere, you can reduce the effects of fatigue, facilitate faster body recovery, maximize your performance, and prepare your muscles for your workout. Is your inner athlete just aching to beat or ace a personal record? Do you need some motivation before you can manage to get to your next workout class? Essential oils can and are helping any number of sports figures and exercise minded people today.

Let’s look at which oils to use and when.

Prior to Working Out

For motivation, focus, and a boost of energy, essential oils are great prior to your workout. They can be infused or topically applied. Consider the following:

Peppermint: In all the world, this is one of the most versatile oils, and has been for centuries. Its refreshing, cool scent is the perfect wake-up call for your a.m. workout. It can provide an invigorating environment, energize, and increase focus.

Lemongrass: Traditionally, various health conditions have been treated with lemongrass. But it can also ignite your senses, promote good energy, help you feel centered, and clear your mind.

Lemon: This can help energize and uplift you thanks to its invigorating, citrusy scent. You can give your workout a nice kickstart, motivate yourself, and uplift your mood.

During Your Workout

To hit that additional rep or go that extra mile, essential oils can help during your workout, as well as before and after:

Peppermint: Peppermint essential oils are the invigorating boost you need for high intensity workouts and strength training. This scent can help boost alertness, increase circulation, and open up the lungs. In studies, respiratory function and running performance has been enhanced through the use of peppermint essential oils.

Frankincense: Prized as an incense material, the King of Oils is used worldwide for ceremonies and religious practices. Because it offers a multitude of benefits, it is considered extremely versatile. It can help you stay grounded and concentrated and promote a sense of peace that will calm your senses.

When Your Workout Is Complete

Just because your workout is over doesn’t mean there are no more uses for essential oils! Keep your diffuser going with the following essential oils after your workout (or apply topically):

Marjoram: The warming and soothing properties of marjoram essential oils make it one of the most favored and preferred for post workout recovery. When applied to skin or used in warm baths after exercising, it can aid in muscle regeneration and repair.

Lavender: Lavender essential oils’ pain relieving, calming, and analgesic properties make it one of the most aromatherapy friendly essential oils in existence. Soothe stress related pains and nervous tension by working it deep into the muscles. You can enhance blood circulation as well as enjoying lavender’s relaxing and calming properties after your workout

Eucalyptus: This can be used both topically and as aromatherapy for its immune boosting benefits and anti-inflammatory characteristics. When massaged in, it can help relieve nervous tension, pain, aches, and fatigued muscles.

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