Essential oils are known to contain stress-relieving, muscle-relaxing, and mind-soothing properties. This can give you the idea to use them for your soothing bath as well. Wondering which essential oils for baths are best? Find out through this list and note some precautions too when planning to use them.

Mood Boosters

A soothing bath can boost your mood after a tiring day or even before prepping for work. Uplift and energize your spirits by simply combining a few essential oils to lighten the mood. A combination of five drops of lemon oil with three drops of rosemary oil, and two drops of thyme should be blended with 15 ml. of carrier oil. From there, you can add the mixture to your soothing bath.

Relaxation Inducers

A soothing bath must always induce relaxation. It should calm the senses while you get ready for bed. You simply need to combine three drops of frankincense, four drops of chamomile, and five drops of lavender oil with 15 ml. of carrier oil. When the mixture is ready, you can pour it into your bath.

Muscle Soothers

Aching muscles are but common with a stressful day at work and with a bath ready to welcome you, there is no way you will not be able to deal with this problem. Soothe your muscles by combining three drops of lavender oil with four drops of lemongrass oil and five drops of marjoram. Make sure that your 15 ml of carrier oil is also ready for the mix. Add to your bath and indulge.

What Else Can You Do To Enjoy a Soothing Bath with These Essential Oils?

In case you do not have any carrier oil at home, you can also combine your essential oils with your shower gel to have that soothing bath. You can concoct your own shower gel or choose from your favorite brands out there. Allow the essential oils to dilute in 15 ml of the shower gel before diluting it in water. You can enjoy a refreshing bath right after you have poured the solution in.

Some also prefer a mixture of essential oils with carrier oil like jojoba and bath salts. There are many natural salts out there that you can include in the concoction. Bath salts will take charge of nourishing the skin while essential oils and carrier oils soothe you during the bath. There are some bath salt recipes out there that you can try too.

Perking Your Bath

Apart from making sure you have a carrier oil or a shower gel with you to lessen the irritation of mixing essential oils directly in your water, you can also choose your essential oils depending on your mood. Make sure that you are extra careful to when using the tub or the shower with your concoction. The area can be slippery with the oil added to your bath. Prepare the tub first and fill it with water before adding the concoction to make you enjoy the relaxing bath later without any hassles at all.