Apricot kernel oil is extracted from the kernels of apricots and is a nourishing carrier oil that offers many medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Apricot kernel oil is suitable for all skin types and contains compounds that help to protect and hydrate the skin against environmental damage. The kernel of the apricot is also known for possessing anti-asthmatic, anti-spasmodic, sedative, analgesic, and vulnerable properties. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat respiratory problems, detoxify the body, relieve constipation, and regenerate bodily fluids. Here are some of the benefits associated with apricot kernel oil.

Facial and Skin Cleansing

Apricot kernel oil absorbs easily into the skin and doesn’t clog pores. It also helps to regulate the production of oil in the skin and cleans pores to clear up acne and prevent future acne breakouts. If you are constantly exposed to UV rays and pollution, your skin may lose its firmness and age faster. This is unlike normal aging which produces wrinkles and fine lines. Apricot kernel oil helps to protect the skin from UV damage and reduce the visibility of fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles in the face, thereby helping you look younger.

Applying apricot kernel oil on your face and skin can be very nourishing and help to improve your skin tone whilst maintaining the radiance and softness of your skin. This is due to Vitamin E and C present in the oil. Moreover, apricot kernel oil promotes faster healing when applied to chapped, sore or wounded skin and does not leave behind any greasy residue. Apricot kernel oil also contains linoleic acid and oleic acid which strengthens the skin’s barrier function and gives the skin a smooth-like feeling.

Because of its high Vitamin A content, the oil can trickle deep into the skin to provide long-lasting moisturization. Its fatty acids content also helps to nourish and restore dry skin. Lastly, apricot kernel oil contains high amounts of Vitamin E. This promotes the skin’s ability to preserve clarity and elasticity by protecting cells from harmful pollutants and radicals in the environment, thus resulting in a more radiant complexion. The oil also helps to promote hair growth when used in hair by detangling and nourishing hair strands.

Health Benefits

Apricot kernel oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe and relieve aching joints. You can use the oil in its raw form or mix it with other ingredients such as lavender and eucalyptus to produce an oil blend which you can then massage into your joints. Apricot kernels were traditionally used to alleviate symptoms of respiratory conditions such as asthma, cold flu, bronchitis, and cough. Apricot kernel oil also possesses these properties.

Lastly, apricot kernel oil has emollient properties, which helps to combat dry, scaly, and rough skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Its antibacterial properties also facilitate faster healing of minor cuts, burns, and scrapes. Apricot kernel oil is thus a highly versatile and valuable oil that possesses many therapeutic properties. Although it is safe for usage, users should still take the necessary precaution by conducting a patch test before applying it over larger areas of the skin.