Tamanu butter is a product made from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Nut Tree. Tamanu trees grow in tropical countries like Thailand and Vietnam and its flowers sprout twice a year, producing clusters of spherical fruits which contain nuts on the inside. This butter has recently become popular due to it several potent benefits. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of using Tamanu butter on how you can apply it in your daily life.

For Skin Bruising In The Elderly

As people get older, the skin loses its elasticity and also becomes very thin. This is why the elderly get bruised easily even at the slightest knock and takes longer for them to heal. Tamanu butter has been used for several years to help heal bruises on the skin faster.

For Scar Reduction And prevention

Tamanu butter contains natural ingredients that help to reduce and prevent scars. After a burn, you can apply this butter on your skin three to four times a day to prevent your skin from scarring. Daily usage of this butter also helps your superficial wounds to heal faster. This product is proven to be safe and effective and can be applied even on sensitive skin.

Promote Skin Rejuvenation

Getting old is inevitable and as we grow old, the skin also ages. Apart from the natural process of growing old with time, skin aging is aggravated by other various factors. The sun inflicts damage on our skin and as years go by, the skin starts to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Instead of using manufactured products that contain preservatives and chemicals for a more youthful looking skin, turn to Tamanu butter to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

For Skin Irritations And Rashes

Rashes and skin irritation go hand in hand. Major contributing factors that bring about skin problems include environmental and dietary factors. However, using over-the-counter medications to treat these skin conditions contributes to making the situation much worse. There are so many skin care products on the market today, but most of them cannot be trusted. Tamanu butter is made from natural organic ingredients, meaning the product does not contain chemicals or preservatives that may be harmful on the skin. The butter also contains healing agents that can help treat skin irritation and rashes.

For Stretch Marks

It is not unusual to develop stretch marks during growth spurts in teenagers. Stretch marks are also common among the elderly and mothers who have given birth. You can apply Tamanu butter to get rid of stretch marks completely. This butter has added moisturizing benefits that helps the skin to retain moisture and remain smooth all day long.

Other Health Benefits

Tamanu butter is known to promote the formation of new skin tissues. It also has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that help to protect the skin from diseases. Other healing properties of Tamanu butter are: eczema, dry skin, blisters, razor bumps, cuts, analgesic, deodorizing, anti-itch, and antimicrobial.

Even if you don’t have any skin conditions, you can still enjoy the healing wonders of Tamanu butter. This butter helps to nourish all skin types and contains moisturizing omega fatty acids. You can use Tamanu butter and other essential oils to achieve a perfect, youthful skin.