Many people are suffering from anxiety today, which results from life’s endless pressures, demands and conflicts. The pharmaceutical industry has responded by promoting costly, synthetic prescription medications which are potentially habit forming and have all sorts of unpleasant side effects. This has left a growing number of people looking for an alternative solution. Essential oils for anxiety have been used for centuries and are an all-natural option that is both affordable and free of side effects.

Vetiver Oil

Vetiver essential oil is prized for its ability to bring about tranquility. It acts as a tonic for the nervous system and can be used to treat those who are suffering from panic attacks, trauma or shock. Lab studies have been conducted on rodents using Vetiver oil and it was found that it reduced their anxiety.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is quite possibly one of the most powerful essential oils when it comes to alleviating depression, anxiety and stress. It will rejuvenate your nervous system and by doing so will help you sleep better, eliminate restlessness, panic attacks and tension. Lavender also lowers feelings of irritability.

The effects of this essential oil are backed up by a number of studies, which confirm that when it is inhaled it plays a key role in lowering both anxiety and stress. It is believed that this oil has anxiolytic effects and was found to calm anxious people who were preparing to undergo surgery.

Ylang Ylang

Although this essential oil has been used for centuries in Asia, it has only recently become popular in the West. It is prized for its ability to uplift the spirit and it has been successfully used to treat stress and anxiety. It has even been found to boost courage and an optimistic outlook.

It can also function as a moderate sedative, which means it can be used to treat those who are suffering from insomnia or sleeping difficulties. A study conducted in South Korea found that Ylang Ylang when used in combination with other oils such as lavender and bergamot lowered the levels of serum cortisol, along with blood pressure in patients that suffered from hypertension. However, one should exercise caution when using it, as it can irritate the skin if not applied properly.

Rose Oil

Rose oil is a wonderful solution for those who are undergoing strong emotions. It assists with grief, shock and panic attacks, and studies conducted in Iran have found that inhaling rose oil brought significant benefits to pregnant women who were overly anxious.

Before you head to your doctor to request a prescription of antidepressants, you would do well to consider trying these essential oils first. They are more affordable, completely natural and when used correctly are free of negative side effects. Many of these oils have uses which extend far beyond stress reduction or lower anxiety. They provide many other benefits to the body, and can be used to treat or prevent infection as many have antimicrobial properties.