Stains will occur from time to time, and depending on the substance that caused it, getting rid of it can be quite difficult. While many people are quick to go to the store and buy commercial stain removers, which are full of synthetic ingredients and chemicals, the best choices are often those which are all natural.

Tips For Removing Stains With Essential Oils

When choosing essential oils for stain removal, you should only use the highest quality products which display therapeutic characteristics. Lemon is outstanding when it comes to eliminating stains and is the essential oil of choice for getting rid of anything unpleasant which appears on your laundry. It is capable of removing fresh stains as well as those which are older and set in. Lemon can be applied directly after which you will simply want to place it into your washing machine.

When handling your laundry you should not pretreat it and allow the lemon oil to remain in place for long periods of time, because if you do it can cause the fabric to become discolored, turning it yellow. Instead, apply the lemon oil to the clothes directly and then place it into the washing machine immediately after. Essential oil sprays are most optimal when the stain has not yet been washed or dried, but if it has been than this will mean the stain have set deeply within the fabric.

Castile Soap and Vegetable Glycerin

While lemon is a formidable ingredient in the removal of stains all on its own, it becomes even more effective when combined with castile soap and vegetable glycerin. This is because castile soap is exceptionally moisturizing and smooth, usually comprised of ingredients which are organic which allow it to provide a lather which is far richer and emollient then you’ll receive with standard soaps. Castile soap is also free of any components which are synthetic nor does it consist of organisms which have been genetically modified.

The best vegetable glycerin is that which is USP graded and non-genetically modified. When combined with lemon essential oil and castile soap its makes an unbeatable stain remover, but also provides numerous benefits to the skin and hair. It is sold in bottles which are resistant to Ultraviolet Light and which are also free of BPA, so those who use it will gain many benefits due to its many potential applications.

How To Make The Stain Remover

You will need to take the vegetable glycerin (two tablespoons), ¾ cups of water which is filtered, ten drops of lemon oil, and the castile soap (two tablespoons) and then combine it into a spray bottle that is about eight ounces in size. Put the top on the bottle and then shake it thoroughly. To apply it, you will want to shake again and then spray the mixture onto the stain. Rub the fabric together to get the liquid to seep in then place inside the washing machine.