There is nothing quite as refreshing and rejuvenating as a good night’s sleep. Truth be told, if we don’t get enough sleep we are prone to all sorts of ailments. Sure, missing a night of sleep here and there might make you feel irritable and tired the following day, but you’ll survive. A continuous lack of sleep, on the other hand, can negatively impact your health overall and lead to some pretty nasty medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. Who needs that?

There are any number of essential oil recipes for better sleep. You could spend the better part of a day searching through them all. To save you some time, we have requested favorites from a number of sources. Whereas one may not work for you, another one may provide better results.

So, without further delay, here are our most effective (and easiest) essential oil sleep recipes.

To Calm the Body and Mind

Are you having trouble winding down? Is it difficult to relax because your mind is racing? This will help you shut down your brain, calm your nerves, and ease your racing mind.

  • Ylang Ylang essential oil – five drops
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil – ten drops
  • Lavender essential oil – five drops

Now relax.

Time to Get Sleepy

This is for use in your diffuser. In the evening (right before you sleep and even while you sleep) is the best time to diffuse this into the room in which you sleep. It may be particularly helpful for those who can fall asleep okay but tend to wake up after a while and not get back to sleep.

  • Bergamot essential oil – five drops
  • Clary Sage essential oil – five drops
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil – ten drops

No More Snoring

Does your significant other complain that your snoring all night keeps them awake? (Of course, you never snore!) This may not be 100% foolproof, but any number of people have achieved great results. It contains more essential oils than do the other recipes, but it would certainly be worth it for a nice, quiet night’s sleep.

  • Frankincense essential oil – one drop
  • Eucalyptus essential oil – two drops
  • Cedarwood essential oil – two drops
  • Marjoram essential oil – five drops
  • Geranium essential oil – five drops
  • Lavender essential oil – five drops

Peaceful Slumber

No more tossing and turning with this deep sleep inducing essential oils blend.

  • Neroli essential oil – five drops
  • Cedarwood essential oil – five drops
  • Lavender essential oil – ten drops

Relax And Be Calm

Do you worry at night instead of falling asleep? Calm down and relax with this mixture.

  • Wild Orange essential oil – five drops
  • Rosemary essential oil – five drops
  • Frankincense essential oil – 10 drops

For those who don’t like to mix-and-match, try Sleep Tight Synergy Essential Oil Blend or Lavender Butter. (Both can be found on our website.)

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