If you are still using musty, stinky towels that never seem to smell clean, perhaps it is already time to strip them. Prolonged usage can deposit dirt, minerals, and bacteria on your towels and even your clothes. Refresh and renew your laundry in just three simple steps. Learn more about the proper way you can strip your stinky towels by using essential oils.

When Should You Replace Towels?

It is common to use towels for an extended period of time, not because we do not have any spare ones but some towels are just too nice to replace. However, it is recommended for us to replace our towels about every two years but when you strip them regularly, you can use them for a much longer period of time. Residue that remains on your towel after every wash can build up and leave behind a stinky odor. You can also choose to clean your washing machined regularly with a natural detergent to help extend the life of your towels. Another sign that you can look out for is when your towels start feeling heavier than before when they are wet. This also means that it is time to strip your towels.

What is Towel Stripping?

Towel stripping is the process of removing build-up on towels or laundry. The process is easy to complete if it is done with a mixture of hot water and detergent. All you need to do is to soak your towels in a tub or basin that is full of borax, washing soda, and detergent. This simple process will leave your towels fluffy, soft, and smelling amazing.

Ingredients for Towel Stripping

  • Borax – This is a household cleaning product that is so underrated. It is also known as sodium tetraborate and this natural mineral is effective at removing stains, neutralizing odors, and treating mildew and mold. It is a great addition to any laundry cycle.
  • Washing/Baking Soda – This ingredient has a similar composition to borax and it can be used as an additive for laundry. It effectively deep cleans towels and clothes while degreasing them.
  • Detergent – Detergent is added to sanitize and cleanse laundry. A powered detergent is a preferable option as it dissolves much easier in the cycle water. Liquid detergent is fine too but make sure to dissolve it before soaking the towels.
  • Essential Oils – These are added for their antifungal and antibacterial properties. They can remove odors and keep laundry smelling fresh. Some essential choices include lemon, tea tree, thieves, purification, and eucalyptus.

Proper Towel Stripping Steps

  • Prepare a tub and fill it up with hot water. Combine washing soda, borax, detergent and essential oils together. Stir in with a large spoon until the powders are fully dissolved.
  • Soak your towels and laundry in the tub of mixture. Press the towels and laundry down with a wooden spoon to ensure they are fully submerged in the mixture. Let them soak for at least 4 hours or until the hot water has cooled down to room temperature.
  • Finally, rinse the towels and laundry and you will be able to see the build-up being left behind inside the tub. Wash and dry the towels and laundry in the washer as normal.