Shea butter is a super substance that provides enormous benefits to the skin. It is derived from seeds taken from Shea tree fruit and is full of vitamins F, A and E. It protects the skin from the sun’s UV rays while nourishing it with important nutrients and essential fatty acids which promote the production of collagen. This butter originates in Africa and has been used there for centuries.

Capabilities Of This Butter

Shea is known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Research has indicated that it is rich in cinnamic acid and lupeol cinnamate, which makes it capable of decreasing inflammation within the skin while preventing mutations. This makes it an excellent substance for anyone who is suffering from acne. It is also a highly effective moisturizer. This is due to the presence of fatty acids and vitamins which allow it to protect the natural oils of the skin while preventing it from becoming dry.

It also makes the skin more beautiful and vibrant. It promotes the growth of collagen and is rich in palmitic, linolenic, stearic and oleic acids. This nourishes and shields the skin to avoid drying. After extensive use, many people have noted that their skin becomes both stronger and softer while wrinkles are reduced.

How This Butter Should Be Used

Shea can be used alone to moisturize the face, and is popular in the form of a bar stick. Women who were formerly pregnant have used it to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and it can also remove the infamous bags and wrinkles which commonly appear under the eyes.

Many masseuses are familiar with Shea and incorporate the butter into their massage sessions. It can also be applied in the form of a lotion, an ingredient for deodorant which is homemade, and for lip balm. It may be applied to the scalp or hair in order to improve it, and promotes elasticity within the skin. Some women apply it to their eyelids prior to adding makeup as it will make the effect last longer. It has also been successfully used to treat scarring due to the promotion of collagen growth.

What Type of Shea Is Best?

The best body butter to purchase is that which is unrefined and raw, preferably grade A. Many people buy Shea products which are refined, free of odor and totally white, but the trouble with this is that when the butter is refined many of the beneficial properties are eliminated.  Unrefined butter will not be filtered which means it will often have small particles which come from Shea nuts.

Some people have found that if this butter is heated gradually until it begins to melt and then place it inside a strainer the particles can be removed. The butter can then be placed inside silicon molds in amounts which are pre-measured, such as ¼ cup; this will make it ready for use for anything you need. Shea should only be used externally and those with skin conditions may want to speak with a dermatologist prior to using.