There are different factors that bring about mosquitoes into the home or any area. It is actually a combo of humidity, heat, scent, and light, among others. If you happen to be bugged by this pesky pest every single day, and you just can’t prevent yourself from scratching your skin due to the itch it brings, now is the time to take things to the next level. There are essential oils for mosquitoes that you can make use of.

Remember that regardless of the mosquito species that has been preying on you, there is always a protection from every essential oil that you invest on. Mosquito repellents, after all, must be DEET-free. Go for the following natural options and every single person in your home will thank you for using them to ward off mosquitoes.

#1 – Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Did you know that lemon eucalyptus oil has been around since the 1940s? Since those times, the oil has already been discovered to have natural repellent properties. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has approved the use of this oil as an effective ingredient when making a mosquito repellent. Studies have shown that it is best to use lemon eucalyptus oil with 32 percent concentration to give you up to 95 percent protection against mosquitoes for the next three hours. You can combine this with 10 parts of sunflower oil then apply it on the skin after.

#2 – Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon has always been a great pair for apples. Imagine apple pie without cinnamon in them? When it comes to warding off mosquitoes, a study has been made and it shows that cinnamon is effective in killing mosquito eggs. Simply dilute 24 drops of cinnamon oil in four ounces of water. This solution can be sprayed to your clothing or even the skin. It is perfect for spraying on your plants, upholstery, and around the home as well.

#3 – Lavender Oil

Lavender flowers can simply be crushed to bring out that fragrant smell which mosquitoes do not want. It has antiseptic, antifungal, and analgesic properties which are great in preventing mosquito bites while soothing the skin. Use lavender oil by putting some drops on a clean cloth before rubbing it onto the skin. You may also crush lavender flowers and extract the oil to apply over bite-sensitive body parts.

#4 – Greek Catnip Oil

Catnip is a close relative of mint, which is known for warding off mosquitoes. It has white and pink flowers that can grow up to one and a half feet. The oil, however, is extracted from its leaves, and is considered the most valuable among all other parts of the plant.

#5 – Thyme oil

Thyme oil is considered best for use in repelling mosquitoes that cause malaria. Some have tried using thyme leaves by throwing them into a campfire to get rid of mosquitoes around. If you want to give this oil a try, simply combine four drops with a teaspoon of any base oil, like jojoba, sunflower, or olive oil. You can also combine five drops of the oil with two ounces of water.

Always remember to take the necessary precautions whenever you are using essential oils on the skin. It is best to look for a carrier or base oil, or even water and combine it with any of the above-mentioned oils before application.