If you have always had a hard time falling asleep or woken up several times every night, essential oils for sleep are available to help your problems. You can achieve better quality of sleep to get a good night’s rest to restore enough energy for the following day. If this is your first time using essential oils, below are several tips you can follow to achieve optimal results.

Add Oils to Bath

Do you like to spend some time in the bath before bedtime? Now, you can try adding several drops of essential oils to your bath to start off with aromatherapy. The oil will combine with the steam and be released into the air. This will let you inhale all the benefits that the essential oils have to offer. On top of enjoying the soothing warmth of the bath water, you will also get to improve your quality of sleep. Look for lavender essential oils which are known for their calming effects.

Use a Diffuser

You can transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary to let you achieve a good night’s rest. Make use of a diffuser to fill up your room with a soothing scent that can relax your nerves and enable you to fall asleep faster. Fill up your diffuser with water and mix in several drops of essential oils. The sleep-inducing scent will put your mind at ease and get your body ready for bedtime. Diffusers do not require any open fire, thus there is no risk of a fire hazard.

Drop on Pillow

Adding several drops of essential oils directly onto your pillow before sleeping is the fastest and most convenient way for you to enjoy the calming effects. Most essential oils are packaged in bottles that come with a built-in dropper. This lets you control the number of drops that you wish to add onto your pillow. If you think that the scent is too overwhelming, you can mix the essential oil with a carrier oil to dilute it and reduce the intensity of its scent. Remember to apply the essential oil some place away from your head. You may also wish to apply the essential oil in the morning or several hours before bedtime so the scent will not be too intense by the time you go to sleep.

Spray on Bed

Another fast and convenient way to use essential oils is to spray around your bed. You can buy your own spray bottle and fill it up with water and adding a few drops of essential oils. This will allow you to subtly scent your entire bed without the scent being too overpowering. The spray can also be used on several other items around your room like your clothes, drapes, rugs, and others. A smaller spray bottle can also be brought along with you during travels.

Apply on Body

You can also apply the essential oils directly onto your body. However, it is recommended for you to do a patch test to ensure you do not have sensitive skin that will react to the oils. The recommended areas to apply essential oils are on your wrists and neck.