Are there stressors in your life that are causing you to function below peak performance? If so, you may be looking for a stress reliver that can help you relax, improve your mood and take your mind off your worries. These essential oil scents are exactly what you need when you are looking to relive stress. In this article, we share with you some top scents that can be used to relive stress.

Lavender Oil

If you have ever gone for a massage or facial at a spa, you may have noticed that before the service commences, aromatherapy is the first step. This includes letting you breathe in essential oils designed to loosen the tension in your body and help you relax. One popular oil for relaxation is lavender oil. In fact, this versatile oil has been found to help improve sleep, which may be particularly useful if you have been losing sleep due to high stress levels.

Jasmine Oil

Have trouble falling asleep at night? Or when you do finally get to sleep, you find that you wake up easily, tossing and turning in your bed? If so, jasmine oil is just what you need to relive your stress and help you sleep better. Other benefits of this rejuvenating oil include better concentration upon waking up and lower levels of anxiety.

Citrus Oils

Under the family of citrus oils, you can find many scents that include orange oil, lemon oil and grapefruit oil. Undeniably, there’s something about citrusy smells that can rejuvenate the senses and provide that much needed energy boost you need during the day. Studies have found that exposure to citrusy scents increase a sense of wellbeing, enhance mood and improve cognitive performance. With so many benefits to be reaped from these amazing oils, the next time you need a stress reliver, be sure to reach out for one of them.

Cinnamon Oil

The smell of cinnamon can instantly transport some of us back to our childhood days or into a bakery. As a comforting smell that has a festive connotation to it, it’s no wonder that cinnamon oil is a favorite for stress reliving. This sweetly scented oil can help to reduce the buildup of tau proteins in the brain, which leads to memory loss and distress. The result is a significantly reduced level of stress and irritation in individuals.

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