It isn’t unusual for those who use clove oil for the first time to instantly fall in love with it. There are many reasons for this. Clove is ideal for celebratory events as it produces a comfortable feel, as its distinct fragrance will set the perfect tone for any winter or rainy day, particularly when its used in conjunction with apple cider.

What Is Clove Oil?

Clove is a type of essential oil which is derived from clove plants. It is popular for aromatherapy and is routinely used to flavor some brands of medicine. There are two countries that produce it in the highest quantities, which are Indonesia and Madagascar. It comes in three variants, which are stem, bud and leaf oil. The stem oil is taken from S. aromaticum twigs and is mostly comprised of eugenol, while the bud oil is taken from S. aromaticum flower buds and is a mixture of eugenol and caryophyllene. Leaf oil is derived from S. aromaticum leaves and is mostly eugenol with a few constituents present. The process for producing clove is similar to other essential oils, through steam distillation.

What You’ll Gain From Using Clove Oil

Clove, as with other essential oils, can be used for both aesthetic and health purposes. For instance, in Asia it is used to relieve tooth pain and will be added to a tooth which is decayed. Dentists may also apply it to a tooth socket after extraction for the same reason. Clove leaf is currently the subject research to determine how this occurs. It is also a key ingredient in a number of personal grooming products, such as hand lotions, massage oils and moisturizers for the skin. In particular, it is excellent for treating dry skin during the winter months.

Combining essential oils to create blends is very popular among enthusiasts, and one great combination is mixing clove with orange, cinnamon bark, nutmeg or grapefruit. Clove has an aroma and feel which is quite soothing, which is why many people add it to bath water, and when a few drops of it are placed  in a spray bottle it can be used as a natural air freshener, particularly for when you want to prepare your home for guests.

Clove oil has a scent which is best described as being spicy and warm. Therefore it is ideal for cold weather and the winter season, especially when you’re outdoors enjoying hot cocoa or chocolate. It brings about relaxation and can be applied to spaces where friends or family members will be getting together for celebration. When used it should be diluted which is best done with four drops of olive oil, and it should also be kept away from children. Clove oil is only recommended for external use, and should never be placed on the mucus membranes or eyes. Women who are pregnant should speak with their doctor before using it.