Meditation is an ancient technique used to reduce anxiety while increasing mental clarity and strength. It can be of great benefit to modern society due to the information overload and stress that many people are under these days. Here are some tips for making this timeless practice work for you.

Find The Right Location For Meditation

Location is key when it comes to effective meditation. The best place is one in which you won’t be interrupted or disturbed. It should be dark or low lit, and you should be able to fill the air and inhale essential oils. Some people also add calming, soothing music to set the right mood.

Find The Time To Meditate

One excuse that many people use for not meditating is that they don’t have the time, but this simply isn’t true. If you have time to take a shower, watch a movie, or engage in sex, you have time to meditate, it is simply a matter of making time for it in your schedule. The good news is that meditation sessions don’t have to be long, and can last for duration of as little as two minutes. However, as with any other skill, it is important to be consistent and repetition will be necessary for mastery.

Empty Your Mind

To benefit from meditation you must learn how to empty your mind of thoughts, emotions or judgement. This is one of the hardest parts of the process. Your brain will try to race when you want to calm it, so rather than trying to forcefully block everything out, you will instead allow the thought to come to you, recognize it and then release it. Inhaling certain essential oils such as Ylang Ylang will help.

Sit Correctly

In order for meditation to be effective you must be seated correctly. Above all else you should be comfortable and relaxed. To sit properly your shoulders should be rolled back which will bring strength to your back muscles, and having a back massage before meditation can boost blood circulation while alleviating tension.

Inhale And Exhale

Proper breathing is the essence of meditation. If you fail to do this correctly, everything else will be in vain. Correct breathing is the way to keep your mind under control and inhaling an essential oil such as Frankincense will make things even better. For correct breathing, keep your eyes closed and use your nose to inhale the surrounding air. Allow expansion for both your stomach and chest to fill your body with it. Then exhale gradually with your mouth, allowing the air to remove any negative feelings or emotions. Concentrate on the sensation of breathing, the air entering your nostrils before exiting through your mouth, and the feeling of warmth which remains.

Meditate Consistently

As with most endeavors, results from meditation won’t come immediately; they require regular practice. However as time goes on you will notice an increase in your inner peace and happiness, one that cannot be acquired through mere money or worldly success. Do not expect to achieve nirvana during your first session.