Essential oils such as Lemon essential oil have many benefits for adults and children. From helping with common ailments to lifting moods, essential oils have been used for centuries across the world for their healing properties. When it comes to children, it is important to understand how to use these types of oils on them without placing them at risk. Here are some common mistakes that parents make when it comes to using essential oils with children.

Believing Scare Stories

The internet is awash with horror stories about how essential oils can harm their children. In reality, most if not all of these stories are typically untrue. Parents need to understand that the people who write these stories are trying to make them as sensational as possible in order to get more visitors to their sites. Many times, these stories are based on ignorance or are just simply intended to mislead. In most of these cases, the writers do not provide any context to the stories (for example, the quality of the oils used or whether the person in question had underlying medical problems). There are many resources on the internet that can provide solid and well-researched information about essential oils.

Not Being Careful Because Essential Oils are Natural

This is a common mistake that people make because they assume that the oils are similar to the plant from which they are extracted. In reality, essential oils contain very high concentrations of the plant extract and are thus far more powerful than the original plant. The implication of this is that before you use these oils on children, it helps to understand how the oils should be used and in what quantities. Most professional essential oil suppliers are always happy to offer this kind of advice and you should make use of such resources before using the essential oil.

If you are ever in doubt about the effect of essential oil, always seek information. It is also best to start small so that any adverse effects of the essential oil are easily contained.

Lumping All Essential Oils as Similar

Given that essential oils are produced through different approaches and using different types of plants, it is inevitable that there will be disparities in terms of quality. Different manufacturers have different production standards and just because you did not like a particular brand does not mean that all oils are like that. When it comes to essential oils, it helps to do some research on the company that you are buying from in order to understand their standards of production. There are also numerous sites online where users share their experience with different brands of essential oils. These reviews can often give you a rough idea of what brands to use and which ones to avoid.