Q.Is White Beeswax Safe?

There are many beneficial uses of beeswax. In addition to the more common ones such as manufacturing of candles, beeswax can also be used for other purposes as well. These include cosmetic purposes, such as using the beeswax to make the skin more hydrated.

When buying beeswax for cosmetic or other purposes, you may run into what is known as white beeswax. White beeswax can be natural, or can be the product of bleaching natural beeswax. Bleaching is sometimes done to change the color of the wax, since most beeswax naturally has an orange or yellow color.

If you intend to use white beeswax, you may be wary of the safety profile of the product. When the beeswax is made white through bleaching, it may end up damaging your skin. This is particularly so if the bleaching was not done properly, thus leading to retention of some of the chemicals in the bleach within the wax. These will come into contact with the skin and cause a chemical reaction.

However, when the white beeswax is white and not bleached, it is very safe. The key to using white beeswax without having any safety issues. In order to ensure that the white beeswax you are using is actually natural, you will have to buy it from an institution that you can trust. You also need to ensure that the brand you buy is also trustworthy. When all these checks are done, you will find that natural white beeswax is actually very safe, and will have the expected results when used.