Q.Why Use Essential Oils?

Nearly all essential oils can help you sleep or relax, improve your digestion and your skin. Keep in mind too that essential oils boast of pleasant fragrances. In a nutshell, essential oils can have an instant healing effect physically, emotionally and mentally. That is if you use them as recommended by a physician or as directed on the package of your desired essential oil.

There are a few general pros and cons that apply regardless of the essential oil you choose to go for. First off, always be on the lookout for signs of a pure, high quality and therapeutic grade essential oil. What you settle on should be medicinal and more importantly, steam distilled.

Then when it comes to use, avoid applying essential oils directly on your skin unless the product package indicates that you can use it topically on your skin. This is because essential oils should first be diluted with carriers like jojoba, almond or water. You should also avoid ingesting essential oils. There are of course, edible essential oils. They are the exceptions. But even then, always check with your doctor to ensure that the essential oil will not interfere with your other prescriptions as well as overall health.

Essential oils are packed with so many healthy nutrients. You need to know what you want to get out of a product, to know which essential oil you should go for. To make your work easy, simply identify the nutrient you need the most then go for an essential oil that is rich in that nutrient.