Q.Does Shea Butter Grow My Hair?

Yes, shea butter can grow your hair and even make it stronger. It comes along with several healthy nutrients that can be beneficial to both your hair and skin. Used consistently and appropriately, shea butter can make your hair grow and remain strong within just a few weeks.

Does Shea Butter Grow My Hair?

Shea butter has an extensive list of benefits for hair, including promoting hair growth. This type of butter can keep your scalp nourished and moisturized with vitamins and fats, which helps prevent hair loss. In addition, sleeping or weak hair follicles can be rejuvenated and strengthened with the help of Shea butter.

The main nutrients found in shea butter are vitamins A, F and E. The nutrients are rich in both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can strengthen your scalp. This is important for your hair as an unhealthy scalp means weak hair that is susceptible to split ends and falling. To avoid such conditions, shea butter steps in as a natural remedy. It will heal an inflamed scalp and allow hair to grow. Be sure to use unrefined shea butter as it has no added preservatives or chemicals. In short, whatever is good for your scalp is also good for your hair and of course, skin.

Shea butter can also restore your damaged hair. Vitamins A and E found in it work by adding moisture to dull, dry, brittle and seemingly lifeless hair. The vitamins hydrate, soften and condition damaged hair. So if for any reason your hair has been damaged by harsh hair chemicals, blow dryers or straighteners, your best bet is to consider shea butter as a natural remedy.

Remember that shea butter can only work when stored under the right conditions. It becomes ‘weak’ when it goes rancid. Simply store it in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.