Q.What Are The Odds Of Working With A Thick Oil?

If you are working with a very thick essential oil, absolute, or extract, it will be more easily incorporated if the carrier oil is also pre-heated to near the same temperature as the heated essential oil, absolute, or extract. If the essential oil, absolute, or extract does not mix completely into the carrier oil, you may need to allow a period of time for incorporation to be completed; shaking the bottle as often as you think of it will help speed up the process.

What Are The Odds Of Working With A Thick Oil?

The odds of working with a thick oil are low. You will not only come across essential oils that are thin in viscosity (containing a water-like consistency). You may encounter steam distilled essential oils such as sandalwood and patchouli. Although thicker by nature, they are still relatively easy to work with.

Remember: Always to label, date, and record your dilutions.