Q.What Are Natural Oils For Cooking?

Carrier OilsAvocado oil, olive oil, real butter, virgin coconut oil, etc., are some of the natural oils used for cooking. When using natural oils to cook, especially at high heat, one must ensure their chosen oil is stable and does not become rancid easily.

Virgin coconut oil is the most ideal natural oil for cooking since it contains 90% fatty acids which is heat resistant. Use of coconut oil in cooking is very healthy as it is rich in Lauric Acid which improves cholesterol and also helps to kill pathogens and other bacteria.

Another natural oil used in cooking is butter. Real butter is nutritious and does not harm you like margarine that is processed and is very harmful to you. Butter contains rich fatty acids and Vitamins K2, E, and A.

Olive and avocado oil is said to be another natural oil which has healthy heart effects as it lowers the LDL (bad) level of cholesterol and raises the level of HDL (good) cholesterol. Keeping olive oil in a cool, dark, dry place helps it from going rancid.

To be sure that your natural oils used for cooking do not turn rancid, a few caveats need to be followed. Always buy in small quantity so that they get over before they get a chance to become rancid. The main reasons for cooking oils to get damaged are sunlight, oxygen, and heat. Hence, store your cooking oils in a dark, dry, and cool place after making sure that the lid is screwed on tight.