Q.Does Mango Butter Smell?

Mango ButterWhen you see the word “mango,” you automatically have the impression that mango butter smells or taste sweet. However, refined mango butter smells nothing like mangos. It is derived from the seed, not from the fruit pulp. In some cases, mango butter is known to emit a slightly sweet and fatty aroma in its natural form.

Unlike what many people think, mango butter does not smell like the mango fruit. This is because of the way it is extracted from the kernel of the mango tree. There are of course, processed mango butter products with added preservatives and artificial fragrances. Compared to raw, unrefined mango butter, the processed one is less effective. It also has a shorter shelf life. Your best bet is to therefore stick to pure, minimally processed mango butter.

Note that there are so many factors that can affect the natural smell of mango butter. Whether it has been processed or not is one of them as already explained. Impurities can also affect the smell of mango butter. You will notice this once your mango butter goes rancid just a few months after buying it.

Storage is also a factor that can have an effect on how mango butter smells. Store it as it’s recommended and you certainly will not have a problem with its purity and fragrance. Store it under direct sunlight and before long, you will notice a different smell that may be unpleasant. So store your mango butter in a cool and dry place all the time. Then only use it in amounts that you need and keep its package tightly closed.