Q.Does Mango Butter Have Natural SPF?

Yes, mango butter has a good amount of natural sun proof factor content in it. If you usually spend long hours under the sun, its SPF benefits will prove to be useful. It will protect your skin from harsh and harmful ultra violet rays from the sun as well as rejuvenate and replenish it.

To understand more about mango butter’s natural spf, you have to look at its composition and other properties separately. Only then can you appreciate its healing properties and use it appropriately. It is extracted from kernels of the tropical mango tree. Its sweet smell makes it ideal for use in soap making. It is also used to make lip balms, creams and body lotions.  It shares almost the same properties with coco and shea butters.

Mango butter is rich in vitamins A and E which are beneficial for your skin. It is also a natural antioxidant. A cup of pure mango butter can provide your skin with more than 70% of your daily vitamin C intake and more than 20% of your daily vitamin A intake. So every time you eat a mango or drink its juice, remember too to consider buying mango butter.

Lastly, mango butter is naturally emollient. It can smoothen and soften your skin within days. This means that apart from benefiting from its natural SPF, you will also benefit a lot from its skin rejuvenating and replenishing properties. Be sure to also use it to shave as it does not clog skin pores.