Q.Does Mango Butter Lighten Skin?

Mango butter is an excellent cosmetic product that has great benefits. It is extracted from mango kernels, which are mainly grown in the tropics. The mango butter is usually soft and sweet smelling. The butter can be used as is, and can also be used for skin care, in soap making and in the manufacture of hair care products. There are some comparisons to cocoa butter and Shea butter, but there are differences in the content of the fatty acids in mango butter. It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and Vitamin A.

Does Mango Butter Lighten Skin?

Mango butter works by lightening age spots, stretch marks and sun damage spots. Since it contains natural Sun Protection Factor or SPF, it can also protect the skin from sun damage and provide the much needed protection that it needs against harmful radicals.

When using natural products such as mango butter, people tend to have different reasons why they are trying them out. One of the commonest is to lighten one’s skin. There are many synthetic products out there claiming to be able to lighten skin, but the problem is that most of them contain dangerous chemicals that may do you harm in the long term.

Mango butter can lighten your skin to some degree. This is as a result of the fact that it hydrates the skin and keeps it soft and supple. More importantly, it has anti-UV properties which tighten skin, heal eczema and get rid of dark spots that come about due to age and sun damage. With regular use, this will result in well-toned skin which is also lighter than usual.

A property unique to mango butter is the fact that it works deep into the skin to exert its effects. In addition to making the skin healthy and getting rid of dark spots, this also has the effect of healing muscle tension as well as aches.