Q.Does Mango Butter Expire?

Mango ButterYes, raw mango butter that is 100% chemical-free (without additives), organic, and pure typically lasts for approximately 24 months (two years) from the date of packaging and manufacturing. It is important to store your mango butter products in a dry and cool place.

First off, always store your cocoa butter in a dry place. Water, as you will find out is an impurity that can shorten the lifespan of cocoa butter. Speaking of impurities, always store our cocoa butter in its pure form. Ensure it is tightly sealed as it air can also take a toll on your mango butter’s lifespan.

Heat can also affect the lifespan of your mango butter. This means you should store it away from direct sunlight. Then when using it, heat to liquefy only a small amount. In other words, avoid reusing mango butter as this too can shorten its lifespan.

There are a few other factors that can either prolong or shorten the lifespan of your mango butter. You can learn more by reading the instruction manual on the packaging of your cocoa butter product. Remember that mango butter can hardly be used on its own. So mix it with the recommended skin care solutions. Do not overheat it too as too much heat can shorten its lifespan and make ‘weak’.