Q.Does Kokum Butter Smell?

Kokum butter is a bath and body ingredient that is gaining popularity around the world, though it was little known a decade ago. It is mainly used for its cosmetic effects. Kokum butter is indigenous to India, though some other countries have also started producing it as well.

Does Kokum Butter Smell?

Kokum butter is recognized for its fair and nutty smell. When compared to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters, it has much less odor. Many vouches for how great the smell is when applied to the skin even when it has lingered on the skin for a long time.

The allure of kokum butter is the fact that it can be used by all skin types. Whether you have oily, dry or normal skin, you can use it without the fear that you will end up damaging your skin for good. However, one factor that may be bugging you is whether it has a bad scent or not. There are many natural cosmetics which have a scent that many people will not tolerate, which means that its use is limited.

Fortunately, this is not the case with kokum butter. This butter has a nutty, earthy smell that is very mild. Even when in its pure form, kokum butter has a mild scent. In order to smell it, people will need to get very close to you, which means that you will not be affecting the people around you with the scent. That said, however, the scent of kokum butter is actually very nice, and you are likely to appreciate it.

In summary, kokum butter is an excellent product that you should definitely try out whether you have skin problems or not but want to keep your skin healthy. It can be used in place of other products such as coconut oil or cocoa butter.