Q.What does Kokum Butter Smell Like?

Kokum butter has an earthy, mild and nutty smell. It also has a uniquely dry, flaky consistency. Compared to cocoa butter, it has a significantly less natural odor. You should however note that there are a few factors that can easily interfere with your kokum butter’s natural smell.

What does Kokum Butter Smell Like?

Kokum butter has a fairly mild, nutty and earthy smell. Compared to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters, it possesses less natural odor. When you buy a new kokum butter, be sure to take it out of the box to air it and release any unpleasant odors. Once it is left in the open for a few hours, its distinct earthy fragrance will become more prominent.

How you store your kokum butter is one of the main factors that will determine its smell. Store it well and it will retain its above mentioned natural smell. Once you buy any packaged kokum butter product, remove it from the box so as to release unpleasant odors. Then keep it open for at least two hours this will make sure that its earthy fragrance stays intact for long.

Note that raw kokum butter smells differently from refined and processed kokum butter. Raw kokum butter has a smell that is similar to the smell of sun-dried kokum which is usually used for culinary purposes.

Impurities can also affect how kokum butter smells. That is why experts recommend using kokum butter on its own, in its pure form. It can easily lose both its smell and healing properties with slight impurities. So if you have to mix it with other essential oils, make sure that you do so under the directions of your kokum butter product manufacturer. That way, your kokum butter will retain its properties, remain fresh for a long time without going rancid and get rid of scars, blemishes and an uneven skin tone. Lastly, always store your kokum butter away from a direct sunlight.