Q.Is Kokum Butter Greasy?

Although Kokum butter is not known in some parts of the world, it is fast gaining popularity in the cosmetic circles. This ingredient has some similarities with cocoa butter, and this is why there is so much interest regarding it. When used in its raw form, it has many benefits which make it worth your money.

Is Kokum Butter Greasy?

Kokum butter is derived from fatty acids but is non-greasy. It has a soft yet dense texture that can easily be absorbed by the skin once applied. An added benefit of Kokum butter is the presence of specific compounds that have antibacterial properties.

When choosing a skin product that you can use on your face and other parts of the body, you should be careful to get the ones that are non-comedogenic. The latter doesn’t block the pores, which means that any sebum produced by the skin will not have a way out to spill over onto the skin. As a result, the sebum builds up and causes formation of pimples and acne.

The other issue you might have is whether the product is greasy or not. Having a cream on your face should not make it shiny and greasy, as this look is not attractive. Fortunately, this is a problem that you are not likely to face if you use kokum butter. This butter is not greasy because it has a light consistency, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. This means that you will end up with skin that looks well hydrated and not shiny at all.

Always make sure that you buy your kokum butter from a vendor who values quality. There are some who may add additives to the butter and then claim that it is 100% natural. Simply doing research about trustworthy stores and brands will help you avoid wasting money on these inferior products.