Q.Where Does Kokum Butter Come From?

Kokum butter is extracted from the seeds of Garcinia Indica fruit. It features a smooth, dense texture that is suitable for confectionary, toiletry and most importantly, cosmetic applications. It shares almost the same properties with Coca Butter which explains why it is sometimes used as its substitute.

Where Does Kokum Butter Come From?

Kokum is an indigenous tree (Garcinia Indica) that grows in the tropical rain forests of South India’s Western Ghats. With that, kokum butter comes from the fruit kernels of the Indian tree. This evergreen tree can also be found in several locations, including West Bengal, Jaintia Hills, North Malabar, Konkan, and more.

Garcinia Indica or Kokam as it is popularly known in India does not just produce Kokum butter. It’s leaves and the bark have also been proved to be medicinal. Once refined, Kokum butter turns smooth and white. The end product which is kokum butter has emollient properties and a mild odor.

It is important to note that Kokum butter has a significantly higher melting point. It can melt slightly as skin temperature. This is a good property which makes it a good natural solution for making lipsticks and lip balms. Its earthy smell means that it does not make you uncomfortable. The smell can however be interfered with impurities like water. Storage too is yet another factor that can determine how effective your kokum butter will turn out. So store it well, in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Kokum butter is non-greasy and resistant to oxidation. It, therefore, gets absorbed into the skin as soon as it is applied.  Its antioxidant properties and vitamin E nutrients make it a perfect natural remedy for several skin conditions. It should however be noted that cocoa butter’s health benefits go beyond the skin. Its triglyceride composition for instance makes it handy for treating cracked heels.