Q.How Should I Use Incense?

Incense products emit smoke, thus it is advisable to use them in a well-ventilated room. You should note that incense products should not be placed near a door or window because incoming drafts of wind will cause the incense to burn at a faster rate. You also need to keep the incense away from anything that may catch fire like drapes or curtains.

How Should I Use Incense?

It depends on the type of incense you have purchased. If you purchased Indirect-burning incense, you will need a constant heat source to keep it lit. If you bought the direct-burning ones, they have an ignitable base that binds the incense together. Simply light the incense with a flame and then blow out the flame. The embers will slowly smolder and produce the fragrant scent and smoke.

After lighting one end of the incense stick, let the flame burn for a few seconds until you see a glowing ember at its tip. After the incense is properly lit, place it in a holder. If there is a bamboo or wooden stick at one end, place this end in the holder.

When the container is a filled with salt, rice, sand or grain, push the bottom part of the incense deep into the container’s contents to make it stand erect or at a specific angle. If your incense product is held at a certain angle, make sure that the tip of the incense is not pointing towards any inflammable item. Next, make certain that the glowing tip is within the perimeter of the holder. This allows the ash to fall directly into the container for ease of cleaning.

Incense sticks usually last for 20 to 30 minutes and this depends on the thickness and size of the stick. Don’t leave your rooms unattended when incense sticks are burning. During an emergency, calmly extinguish the stick by dipping it in water or by pressing the tip against a hard surface.