Q.How Are Essential Oils Used?

There are many ways that essential oils can be used.

How Are Essential Oils Used?

Essential oils can be applied to one’s body in several ways, including ingesting it, inhaling it, or applying it to the skin. Within each of these options, there are also various kinds of application methods, including massaging the oils into the skin, through baths, sprays, and compresses.

The Four Best Ways of Using Essential Oils for Health and Healing:

One of the quickest way to experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. This method is highly beneficial for helping headaches, sinus, and respiratory ailments. Persons with asthma or epilepsy should avoid inhaling essential oil. Caution: This method of use should only be done with oils that can be safely applied to the skin. Apply 1-2 drops of oil to the palms, rub together gently and inhale deeply. This is an excellent method of use for a quick and easy exposure to the anti-microbial and other therapeutic uses of essential oils.

For best therapeutic experience adding essential oils to a hot, soothing bath can create such a relaxing experience. Aromatic baths are excellent for skin problems, circulatory problems, respiratory symptoms, stress, nervous tension, insomnia, muscular and menstrual pains. Caution: overuse of essential oils in the bath can cause irritation. Use only mild, non-irritating oils for bath, such as lavender oil and clary sage oil.

Massage is one of the most beneficial methods of using essential oils because it combines the therapeutic powers of the essential oil with the benefits of touch therapy.

Essential Oil Diffuser:
Diffusers and Aromatherapy go hand-in-hand. Adding essential oils to a diffuser effectively introduces the therapeutic properties and fragrance to any environment.