Q.Are Essential Oils Safe?

Essential OilsEssential oils are generally safe because studies have shown very few risks and negative side effects. It is important that you use the essential oils as directed. When used correctly and within stipulated guidelines, they can be a potent, healing tool in natural medicine and more.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the directions for use when it comes to different essential oils. For example, some essential oils (such as cinnamon bark, clove, and thyme) are best inhaled as opposed to being applied directly on the skin. Always following the recommended application method to ensure safe usage of essential oils.

Next, it’s important to stick to the recommended dosage. Treat your essential oil as you often do with prescription drugs. This is critical as it determines whether or not you will enjoy the desired results. If you use essential oils in overly high concentration or wrong dosage as indicated on the instructions, this can have adverse effects on your health. Therefore, always know the recommended dosage for safe usage.

Another key pointer you need to know is to dilute your essential oils as per required. In fact, most essential oils cannot be applied directly on the skin unless they have been diluted. Top tier essential oils come as highly concentrated and that’s why you will need to dilute the essential oils to use them safely.

Generally speaking, as long as you don’t ingest essential oils and use them externally in low concentrations, essential oils are pretty safe for usage. When you use essential oils for inhalation, perform inhalation intermittently for not more than 15 minutes. On the other hand, when applied directly on the skin, make sure that the concentration is 5% or below.