Q.Are Essential Oils Cheap?

Due to the advancements made in the manufacturing process of essential oils today, these oils have become pretty affordable these days. However, there are many factors that affect the cost of essential oils. Such factors include the availability of the plant used to make an essential oil, cultivation methods, the yield of the essential oil a plant gives, and the methods used to extract an essential oil. Other factors that can affect the prices of essential oils include:


For example, you will need 1000kgs of the Lemon Balm plant to distill just 1 litre of pure Lemon Balm oil. The cost of production here is simply expensive so the essential oil will be costly. By comparison, you will need just 30kgs of Eucalyptus leaves to make 1 litre of pure Eucalyptus oil. In short, these variations affect prices directly.

Weather Conditions

Different plants have different amounts of essential oils that they use as ‘energy reservoirs’ to metabolize and adapt to changing weather conditions. For example, lack of adequate sunlight reduces the amount of essential oils can be distilled from a plant. So a year without enough sunlight where a plant used to make essential oils grow may mean low yields. Harvest may therefore vary every year depending on weather conditions. That explains why a particular essential oil may be cheap this year and costly the next year.

Production Methods

Some essential oils can only be extracted through complicated procedures. A good example is Jasmine essential oil which cannot be extracted using stream distillation like other oils. Its extraction procedure features use of solvents. This eventually affects its price as the extraction procedure is time consuming and costly.