Q.How Is Emulsifying Wax Made?

Emulsifying wax is one of the trending natural products in the cosmetics industry. It can be used as is, or in combination with many other chemicals as well. For instance, there are many large manufacturing firms which use emulsifying wax to manufacture products such as lip balms and oils.

How Is Emulsifying Wax Made?

On treating a petroleum-based wax or a vegetable wax with a detergent such as polysorbates or sodium dodecyl sulfate, emulsifying wax is created. The water and oil binds together to form a smooth emulsion. A white waxy solid is formed with a slight smell of fatty alcohol.

The role of emulsifying waxes is to keep the combination of water and oils together. In this way, it acts as a binding agent in most cosmetic agents. The result of this is that when applied on skin or hair, the wax will help in trapping of water within the hair, thus resulting in a shiny and more healthy look.

The manufacture of emulsifying waxes involves the combination of bleach and plant fats. The right plant fats have to be chosen for the emulsifying wax to have the right properties, such as the right feel. In addition to that, the combination of these two products should be done carefully in order to reduce the risk of coming up with a product that will actually harm the skin and hair rather than protecting it and making it look more attractive.

Though the process of making emulsifying wax seems simple enough, all the quality control protocols have to be followed so as to ensure that the end result is of high quality. This means that if you are making it yourself, you have to be careful and have the right instructions in mind.

If you are buying readymade emulsifying wax, ensuring that the manufacturer is of high quality will result in a much better emulsifying wax. This means that using tried and tested brands are important.