Q.What Are The Effects Of Using Incense?

Most incense users think its primary use is for pujas or as an air freshener. Many of the users are unaware of its intrinsic psychological and physical benefits. Throughout history, every culture and religion has used incense in the worship of their gods, physicians, and even tribal medicine men have used incense because of its healing powers.

What Are The Effects Of Using Incense?

Incense is more than just an odor eater or an air freshener. It provides both psychological and physical benefits to its users. The main effects include aiding insomnia, reducing tension and anxiety, fighting depression, relieving headaches, preventing infections, heightening sexual desire, boosting confidence, increasing motivation, stimulating creativity, and enhancing focus.

Even monks and priests have used incense for its concentration powers, couples have used it for sexual stimulation, and artists for inspiration to their creativity.

The use of incense enhances focus and allows one to concentrate better on the job at hand. The use of special incense helps in clear thinking and in the development of complete attentiveness. Jewelry makers and monks take recourse to incense during their long hours of work and meditation.

Similar to thinking of happy thoughts or hearing beautiful music inspires your imagination, so does a pleasant aroma that gets your energy flowing and creativity soaring.  The perfumes of incense can put one in a dreamy trance where imagination roams freely.

Spiritual and religious gurus have always used incense for purification of the soul and air. Specific incense emits smoke having fungicidal, insecticidal, and antibacterial properties which do purify the surroundings.

Incense is said to drive away negative energy and increases positive energy. The purified air is akin to healthy food for the body and brain which motivates the soul and increases the level of energy. With an increase in motivation, creativity, and focus, naturally, there is also an increase in confidence.