Q.How Do I Dilute An Essential Oil, Absolute Or Extract In Alcohol?

First thing you want do, determine to what percent you want to dilute an essential oil, absolute, or extract.

For example, if you are working with a very strongly scented material, you may want to dilute it to 10%, or one part scented material plus 9 parts high proof alcohol (grape or grain is best, or Everclear). You can use drops, milliliters, ounces, etc. as the measuring unit, e.g., one drop Tobacco Absolute, 9 drops alcohol.

Second Step, determine how much diluted material you want.

For example, for one ounce (30 milliliters) of a 10% dilution, measure 3 milliliters of the scented material and 27 milliliters of alcohol into a one ounce bottle.

Never heat alcohol due to fire hazard – generally, the heated material should easily incorporate into room temperature alcohol. If the essential oil, absolute, or extract does not mix completely into the alcohol, you may need to allow a period of time for incorporation to be completed; shaking the bottle as often as you think of it will help speed up the process.

Remember: Always to label, date, and record your dilutions.