Q.Does Cocoa Butter Have Vitamin E?

Cocoa butter is a naturally occurring product that is extracted from the seeds of the cacao plant. Though the seeds are mainly known to be used to manufacture chocolate, they can also be used to make cosmetics. This can be by application of the cocoa butter directly onto skin without modification or using the butter as a base for manufacturing other products such as lotions and sunscreens.

Does Cocoa Butter Have Vitamin E?

Cocoa butter contains compounds and vitamins that are good for skin health, vitamin E included. Together with Vitamin K, and Phytosterols, Vitamin E makes cocoa butter a good source for skin hydration. Vitamin E also works to repair blemished skin, deeply cleanse pores, and provide soothing relief to the skin.

Natural cocoa butter has many ingredients in it, one of which is vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, and is billed as the strongest antioxidant vitamin. This is important because many of the skin conditions that people suffer from arise from oxidation of the skin tissue and cells. This results in rapid cell death, formation of wrinkles, scarring and even putting you at risk of getting skin cancer.

By using cocoa butter on a regular basis, you will also be benefitting from the vitamin E within it. Your skin will age more slowly, and you are also likely to notice a reduction in some of the defects on your face if you have any. These include light scars and moderate wrinkles and lines.

The good thing is that you can use natural cocoa butter without any additives, and still get the same effect. This is because the vitamin E naturally occurs in the butter. However, there are some companies that manufacture beauty products using cocoa butter, and add other vitamins that might help in keeping the skin healthy. All in all, cocoa butter does have vitamin E, and it plays a major role in ensuring that the beauty product works.